The retrospective section «Pavel Klushantsev - the godfather of George Lucas' Star Wars»

«Klushantsev is the godfather of Star Wars. Without his fantastic films and unique technical inventions, I wouldn't have been able even to approach my film» - George Lucas, director of one of the highest-grossing films about space, Star Wars.  

The retrospectives programme of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival will feature 2 films of the great Russian film experimenter Pavel KLUSHANTSEV.

«METEORITES» (USSR, Lennauchfilm, 1947) was awarded a diploma at the 9th Venice International Film Festival in 1948. This year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of this masterpiece of the Soviet period cinema.
There’s a saying «A star has fallen», but in fact, since the time when people made a star map of the sky, not a single star has disappeared from the sky. Shooting stars are tiny grains of sand that burn up in the atmosphere. The film tells in detail about the nature of the appearance of these grains of sand and about meteorites that can reach the surface of the Earth.

«ROAD TO THE STARS» (USSR, Lennauchfilm, 1957) also has an anniversary this year - it turns 65 years old. The technologies presented in this film became the basis for the creation of Stanley Kubrick's famous films «2001: A Space Odyssey» and «Prometheus». A man has passed a difficult way towards knowledge on this planet, they have always sought to penetrate where they have not been yet, to learn what he did not know yet. Despite the deadly danger, they went on long voyages, stormed the poles, rose behind the clouds, descended into the depths of the sea. Overcoming countless difficulties, they found ways to the innermost recesses of nature, penetrated into the bowels of a living cell and atom. They seek to unravel the mysteries of the universe, to know themselves. But a man has never broken away from their planet before. The time has come when they took the first step outside their home. 

The films will be presented to the audience by the film critic, director of photography Nikolai MAYOROV. Our expert has been studying and digitally restoring paintings of the past years for many years, preserving their original image and sound for the history of cinema, Nikolai Anatolyevich, first in Russia, used digital technology of combining color-separated source materials to digitally restore pre-war color films shot using two- and three-color cinema systems in the USSR.