The Roscosmos TV Studio Films at the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival

The programme of the Tsiolkovsky ISFF will feature five films by the Roscosmos Television Studio in 2022. The films include rare interviews with the heroes of the narrative, unique filming both on the territory of closed space exploration facilities on Earth and the International Space Station, inside its working area and in outer space. 

Each film tells about an important milestone in the exploration of outer space and significant achievements of the domestic space industry. The documentary Gagarin (2015) is dedicated to the first person who saw the Earth from space. The first human spacewalk is shown in the film Alexey Leonov. Orbit duel (2015). The film Valentina Tereshkova. The Seagull and The Hawk (2013) will tell us about the world's first female cosmonaut. The film Our World (2021) will introduce viewers to the phenomenal complex that allows earthlings to study space being right there. The newest work of the Roscosmos TV Studio is the film Science was worth it (2022).

The directors of the films, Alexey Kitaytsev and Larisa Smirnova, worked both in collaboration and independently. But we shouldn’t really talk about the «general view» and «unified style» of these films. On the contrary, the theme of space itself is so rich and diverse in its manifestations that every time we will be surprised by the multiplicity of angles and the wide possibilities of presenting the material. 

However, there is also something that unites these five films - true heroes who inspire many generations of earthlings with their unprecedented feats, the unconditional importance of their research missions aimed at the benefit of all mankind, and mind-boggling film frames – that incomprehensible reality that makes us think about the eternal and transitory, speaks to us in riddles, draws us further into the depths of the Universe...  

Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, the founder of theoretical cosmonautics, accurately noted, «If people penetrateed into the solar system, and started disposing of it like a proprietress, would the secrets of the world be revealed, then? Not at all! Just as examining of some pebble or a shell would not reveal the secrets of the ocean...» And yet, with each such «pebble», humanity learns more and more about the «ocean» - the process of conquest and discoveries continues, and its chronicle is professionally captured by the Roscosmos Television Studio.