Why is space exploration necessary at all?

Based on the opinions we have read from experts in the field of space, we decided to share our thoughts that can serve as inspiration for your next films about space.

In our opinion, the main theme for the future space films should be the search for an answer to the eternal question: why does modern humanity need space exploration?

In his publication on the portal, Alexey Semikhatov, physicist and mathematician, popularizer of science, states that now the human attitude to space travel has shifted its focus from ambitious conquest to boring and more "homely" study. However, dreams are never an alien category for this topic.

The first category. Dreams.

Unrealizable goals are shaped into ideological dreams that reveal a common myth in the minds of mankind of this era. In our era, we, humanity, dream of Mars, dream of leaving the heliosphere for the sake of interest.

The second category. Noah's Ark.

The idea of conquering space in many films is connected with the idea of saving humanity from the future. Here, any screenwriter and author of the idea of the film has eternal motives for salvation to help or the idea that Earth alone will not be enough for all of humanity in the future, which means that some colonies will live their "mundane" lives on other planets or space stations.

Third. Incredible. Incredible?

Imagination or interest dictated by science fiction and media culture lead those who especially like to dream about space to think about alien beings who are either about to come to Earth to visit, friendly or not, or will meet us, earthlings, on their land.

In any case, space exploration and development is an idea about the future. Whatever space is needed for, we need it. We can't live without space, it's unconditional.

Cartoon "We can't live without space"