Bas-reliefs and frescoes dedicated to the topic of space

Bas-reliefs and frescoes dedicated to the topic of space are an important part of Russia's cultural heritage. They decorate the facades of buildings and city streets, giving them a special atmosphere and symbolism, if not pride.

Sending a man into space has become a symbol of progress and scientific achievements. Like other important events, the historical context found its reflection in art. The street art of the Soviet years — frescoes and bas-reliefs on houses scattered throughout Russia — is the treasure that we inherited and that to this day reminds us of the importance of scientific achievements.

We have prepared a list of places where space proudly looks at us, the citizens, on public display:

1. Moscow

A series of panels on the Taganskaya-Radial metro station is dedicated to man and space. This is the first Moscow metro station where the design is connected with space. At the station, you can see a series of metal panels depicting the history of space exploration — starting with dreams of the stars, ending with the first human spaceflight.

2. Korolev

The very name of the city refers us to the topic of space. Korolev is a city named after Sergei Korolev, a Soviet scientist and designer of rocket and space systems. The mosaic on the three-storey building appeared on apartment building No. 2 in 1977. The main figure on the panel is K. Tsiolkovsky, depicted in full height. The scientist's gaze is turned towards the avenue, behind his back is a symbolic rocket.

3. Angarsk

In this city, frescoes and bas-reliefs dedicated to space can also be found on the facades of buildings. Here, for example, are two panels on the house: the folk one depicts S. Korolev, and the other one - a man-conqueror of space.

4. Samara

A city that cannot be avoided if you are looking for remnants of Soviet urban space art. Samara is the city where many spacecraft and rockets were created for the Russian Federation. Here you can find bas-reliefs and frescoes depicting the achievements of Russian cosmonautics in large numbers both on the surface and underground. One of them is at the Gagarinskaya metro station.

5. Yaroslavl

Of course, Yaroslavl cannot be excluded from a number of iconic cities. It was here that Valentina Tereshkova, the world's first female cosmonaut, was born. The Space Museum in Yaroslavl Region, renovated after the fire, was inaugurated by Valentina Tereshkova herself. There is another space-themed panel on the facade of the building.

6. Chelyabinsk

The large-format panel "Conquest of Space" is especially loved by everyone. The ordinary people and scientists depicted on it, thanks to the achievements of science and love for it, break out into space.