Tsiolkovsky ISFF special awards

The organizers started the award ceremony of the laureates before the official start of the Closing Ceremony of the Tsiolkovsky International Film Festival of Films and Programs about Space. In the afternoon of April 17, a press conference was held at which the President of the Film Festival Igor Ugolnikov and General Producer Yevgeny Aizikovich told reporters about the festival awards and competitions.

Silk Road Media (SRM) Company President Grigory Pelman announced the award of the Special Prize for "Universal cooperation in solving the Global problems facing Humanity on Earth and in Space following the eternal values - One Earth - One Space - One Future" to the feature film "The Wandering Earth "(Directed by Frant Guo, China, 2019).

The diploma of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio was presented to the documentary film "The Seagull" (director: Manne, Armenia, 2019) by the President of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio, Mr. Valery Ruzin.

A special prize from journalists was awarded to the Polish film CUCKOOMAN (Director: Daniel Zagorski, Poland, 2017). This was announced by Leonid Kiskarkin, editor of the "Cinema" section of the portal.

Congratulations to the WINNERS!