Documentaries Competition at the ISFF Tsiolkovsky

Dear friends!
We are glad to announce that 10 Documentaries were selected to participate in the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival:

Space Made in Italy - from the origins to San Marco project, Director Marco Spagnoli, Italy, 2021

Big bang, the call of origins, Director Dominique Regueme, France, 2021

Earth: The Highest Point, Directors Andrey and Nikolay Istratovs, Russia, 2021

Space flight: Mission to Mars, Directors Andrey and Nikolay Istratovs, Russia, 2021

THE GREAT JOURNEY, Director Theofanis Matsopoulos, Greece, 2021

Vsevolod Stratonov's the Earth and the Sun, Director Denis Chuvaev, Russia, 2021

Gagarin. Life in the TASS сhronicle, Director Natalia Metlina, Russia, 2021

The Collins Story - Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Steps to the Moon, Writer Annette Juergens Busbee, United States, 2021

Our «MIR», Director Larisa Smirnova with the participation of Alexey Kitaytsev, Russia, 2021

Star Guardians, Directors Anton Smirnov, Valery Ivanov, Russia, 2020