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The International Space Film Festival «Tsiolkovsky»

On April 12 - 17, 2021 the annual Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival took place  in Kaluga, where the memory of the founder of theoretical cosmonautics K. E.  Tsiolkovsky has been treasured for generations.

Films and programs about space and its relationship with science, art and culture take part in the competition, out-of-competition and retrospective screenings of the festival.

The purpose of the festival is not only to open new "space" films, but also to promote all areas of science and art, one way or another related to space, to strengthen the traditions of international dialogue between scientists and filmmakers, to preserve historical memory, a sense of pride in great space achievements.

Igor Ugolnikov, producer, screenwriter, film director, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, General Director of the VoenFilm Studio, became the President of the Tsiolkovsky ICFF.

The official logo of the festival was developed on the basis of a drawing by K.  E.  Tsiolkovsky from the "Album of Space Travel", created by him for the first Soviet science fiction film "Space Flight".

The jury was headed by the American filmmaker, producer and actor Roger Corman.

Film director, screenwriter, producer Timur Bekmambetov; film director, screenwriter, producer and actor Klim Shipenko; documentary filmmaker, journalist, TV presenter and writer Igor Prokopenko; Director of the K. E.   Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics Natalia Abakumova; head of the press service of the State Corporation "Roscosmos" Vladimir Ustimenko; pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Russian Federation Pavel Vinogradov; Dmitry Yakunin, Executive Director of the Youth Center of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia; film director, screenwriter Alena Zvantsova; Director for Marketing and Strategic Development of the State Film Fund of Russia, Art Director of the Illusion Cinema Nadezhda Stepanova joined the Festival jury.

The main venues of the Tsiolkovsky ISFF are K. E.  Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics and the Kaluga Innovative Cultural Center.

About 800 films from more than 80 countries of the world applied for participation in the competition. After the competitive selection, 10 full-length feature films, 13 documentaries, 19 short films were selected and shown to the audience. The festival audience viewed 5 full-dome programs in the Planetarium, more than 20 films of "space" retrospectives, the program of which was formed with the support and participation of the State Film Fund of Russia, a special selection of documentaries by the Roscosmos Studio with unique filming in space, which was presented by director and screenwriter Alexey Kitaytsev.

In addition to screenings of competitive, retrospective and full-dome films, the festival program includes lectures, exhibitions, master classes and creative meetings with representatives of the cinematographic and scientific community.

The following events were held in line with the Tsiolkovsky ISFF:
lecture by the Russian writer, playwright, screenwriter, art critic, journalist and TV presenter Oleg Shishkin “Coast of the Universe. A Brief History of Soviet Space Cinema "; lecture "Languages ​​of the World and the Language of the Universe" delivered by Russian conference interpreter, professor of the Moscow State Linguistic University Dmitry Petrov ; lecture "Space We Don't Know" with a demonstration of Igor Stanislavovich's new film "What Space Smells Like" delivered by documentary filmmaker, journalist, TV presenter and writer Igor Prokopenko; creative meetings with the pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Russian Federation Alexander Misurkin, actor, screenwriter, prose writer, People's Artist of the Russian Federation Leonid Yakubovich; the demonstration of each full-dome program was preceded by lectures by famous astronomers and scientists Oleg Ugolnikov, Sergei Yazev, Dmitry Vibe, Anton Biryukov and Andrey Lobanov

Winners of "Tsiolkovsky" ICFF are:

  • Tsiolkovsky Grand Prix - Best Feature Film - Proxima (directed by Alice Winocour, France, Germany);
  • Grand Prix "Klushantsev" - feature film "The Wandering Earth" (directed by Frant Guo, China, 2019) - for the best technical achievements in the film and the best special effects;
  • Grand Prix "Korolev" - feature film "Sputnik" (director Egor Abramenko, Russia, 2020);

  • Best Documentary - In Search of Light (director: Adam Donnecky, UK, 2019);
  • Best Short Film - Morpho (directed by Anastasia Shchuplova, Russia, 2020);

  • Prize of the President of the Tsiolkovsky ISFF  - short film "Algiz" (director: Kristina Mikhailova, Kazakhstan, 2020);
  • The Governor's Prize of the Kaluga Region - a full-length animated film “Belka and Strelka. Caribbean Mystery "(directed by Inna Evlannikova, Russia, 2020);
  • Roscosmos State Corporation Prize - documentary "Observer" (director: Dmitry Semenov, Russia, 2019);
  • "Best full-dome film" - "He was the first" (Russia, Kaluga, State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics named after K.E.  Tsiolkovsky)
  • Prize from journalists - full-length animated film CUCKOOMAN (Director: Daniel Zagorski, Poland, 2017);
  • Diploma of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio - the film "The Seagull" (director: Manne, Armenia, 2019)

The leading professionals of the Russian film industry - Klim Shipenko, Timur Bekmambetov, Fyodor Bondarchuk, legendary cameraman Sergei Astakhov and others - took part in the festival's events.

The closing ceremony of the festival was accompanied by a performance by the Kaluga Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, and a specially prepared video with the participation of the Moscow Soloists chamber ensemble conducted by Yuri Bashmet demonstrated the possibilities of a new, revolutionary technology for filming three-dimensional video from the partners of the festival, Studio XOVP.

Cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Petr Dubrov congratulated the winners from the ISS and wished the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival a great future!

The Tsiolkovsky ICFF is held with a grant from the President of the Russian Federation, provided by the Presidential Grants Fund and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Kaluga Region, the Roscosmos State Corporation, the State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics named after K E.  Tsiolkovsky, the State Film Fund of Russia, Russian Planetarium Association, Bosco Manufactures LLC, XOVP Studio, Television and Radio Broadcasting company Nika TV and other commercial and public organizations.

Tsiolkovsky ISFF video materials:
1.  ISFF "Tsiolkovsky" Teaser   
2. Tsiolkovsky ISFF Trailer 
3. JURY of Tsiolkovsky ISFF - 2021 
4. Yuri Bashmet and Moscow Soloists at Tsiolkovsky ISFF 
5. Alexander Misurkin at the Tsiolkovsky ISFF 
6. Igor Prokopenko at the Tsiolkovsky ISFF 
7. Oleg Shishkin at the Tsiolkovsky ISFF 
8. Dmitry Petrov at the Tsiolkovsky ISFF 
9. Leonid Yakubovich at the Tsiolkovsky ISFF 
10. Greetings to the Tsiolkovsky Film Festival from the ISS

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