MOSFILM and SOYUZMULTFILM have become partners of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival

A large project cannot be implemented alone. Without reliable partners who share your aspirations, understand the importance and relevance of your engagement, any endeavor stalls, ideas remain conversations on the topic, and goals remain distant and unattainable.

The Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival has wonderful partners. Thanks to their support, we are able to move forward, organize screenings and meetings with interesting people, expand the geography of our presence and give the audience an opportunity to think about the limitless possibilities of space exploration at this difficult time, to take pride in our achievements.

We are pleased to announce that two of the country's largest film studios, MOSFILM and SOYUZMULTFILM, have become partners of the Tsiolkovsky International Film Festival and have granted us the rights to show three magnificent films included in the golden fund of Soviet cinema.
Mosfilm is an industry-forming enterprise of Russian cinematography. The studio has not only preserved the traditions and cinematographic professions, Mosfilm today means new technologies, active filmmaking, professional creative workers, rare collections. All this allows the studio to be rightfully considered the leading enterprise of the Russian film industry and make a huge contribution to the revival of Russian cinema. 

The festival audience will watch two films from the "Mosfilm Golden Collection" - "Taming of The Fire" by Daniil Khrabrovitsky and "Solaris" by Andrei Tarkovsky. 

Since 1936, SOYUZMULTFILM Studio has produced more than one and a half thousand cartoons in a variety of genres and artistic techniques, many of which were included into the "Golden fund" of world animation classics and received more than four hundred international festival prizes and awards.

The legendary cartoon "The Mystery of the Third Planet", the world premiere of which took place in 1982, will also be included in the programme of the festival screenings.

The Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival is held thanks to a grant from the President of the Russian Federation provided by the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives. With the support of the Kaluga Region Government, Kaluga City Administration, Roscosmos State Space Corporation and other commercial and public organizations. TASS is the main media partner of the Film Festival.