Premiere screening of the documentary "Science was worth it" at the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival

The premiere screening "Science was Worth It" (2022) by TV Roscosmos will take place at the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival.
Script writers -  Alexey Samolyotov, Mikhail Kotov
Directors - Alexey Kitaytsev, Larisa Smirnova
Producer - Pavel Bugrov

The International Space Station was originally created as a scientific lab where one can conduct experiments impossible on Earth. Nauka, the new module of the Russian segment of the ISS, meets precisely these tasks. Our cosmonauts and scientists have long needed this space lab. The new module is a new perspective in the development of Russian science. But the path of "Nauka" into space was not easy, and sometimes dramatic.   

The film tells the whole story of the creation and flight of the multifunctional laboratory module "Nauka", which became one of the most difficult missions of the Russian cosmonautics and required extraordinary solutions. It was possible to achieve a successful final only due to the well-coordinated work of space industry professionals. The heads of the Roscosmos Corporation, cosmonauts, scientists, designers tell about the unique space operation in exclusive interviews.   
The film features exclusive footage of the preparation, launch and flight of the Nauka ISS module.

The films by TV Roscosmos will be shown from April 12 to 16 at the Museum of the History of Cosmonautics and the Kaluga Region Tourist Information Center. More information about dates of screenings can be found on the website of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival in the "Festival programmes" section after March 15