The Retrospective programme of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival has been announced

Three segments made up the Retrospectives festival programme this year: «Pavel Klushantsev - the godfather of George Lucas' Star Wars», «Stereo Cinema: The Golden Age of Hollywood» and «The History of Cinema».   

The great Russian film experimenter Pavel Klushantsev, who had a huge influence on the American director and producer of Star Wars George Lucas, with his art, will be presented at the film festival with two of his films: Meteorites (1947) and Road to the Stars (1957). 

The Golden Age of Hollywood will feature four films of the 1950s and 1960s created using Stereo Cinema Technology - the feature films It Came from Outer Space (1953) directed by Jack Arnold and The Bubble (1966) by Arch Oboler, as well as the animated films The Adventures of Sam Space (1955) by Paul Sprank and Boo Moon. Casper The Friendly Ghost (1954) by Seymour Natel and Izzy Sparber.

The retrospective section History of Cinema will feature screenings of the first Soviet science fiction film about the conquest of space Space Flight (1935) directed by Vasily Zhuravlev; the Soviet epic The Taming of Fire (1972) directed by Daniil Khrabrovitsky; Solaris (1972) by Andrei Tarkovsky and the cartoon directed by Roman Kachanov The Mystery of the Third Planet, which had its world premiere in 1982.  

As our ideological inspirer Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky rightly noted, «The universe is arranged the way that not only it is immortal, but its parts in the form of living blissful beings are also immortal. There is no beginning and end of the universe, there is no beginning and end of life and its bliss.» 

That is why a rare opportunity to review the unique films, created in the last century by both pioneers of cinematography and honored masters, will again open up a window to the viewer into the endless cinematic universe, where our immortal heroes and their beautiful dreams live...