MultiCosmos - the history of Russian cosmonautics in an animated web series at the Tsiolkovsky International Film Festival

The special programme of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival is the presentation of the web-series "MultiCosmos", telling about the heroes of Russian cosmonautics - people whose joint efforts made Russia the first space power in the world and for more than 60 years – since the first flight of the Soviet "Sputnik" into space – the leader in space exploration.

For this project, the Russian studio "Multogram", which produces the humorous animated web series "Multirature" and "Multistory", beloved by both Internet users and television audiences, was awarded the national Patriot Award - 2021, and became a nominee of the IV National Award of the Web Industry and ORFAC-2022 (nomination "series").

The series will be presented to the guests of the festival by its creators. The author of the project Vladimir Fedorov: "With the help of our cartoons, we plan to promote the desire of the younger generation to develop science, cosmonautics, technology, the whole country! Familiarity with historical facts and people in cosmonautics will give the younger generation a sense of belonging to the common historical past and the current cosmonautics of Russia."

Each episode of the project lasting from two to three minutes is a novel about a certain hero and their personal contribution to the development of Russian cosmonautics. The festival programme includes five already recognized episodes of the series: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (founder of Russian cosmonautics), Valentin Glushko (inventor of the rocket engine), Nikolai Pilyugin (developer of spacecraft control and navigation systems), Sergey Korolev (general designer of rocket technology), Women in space (about Russian women cosmonauts). In addition, the premiere of the new MultiCosmos – Gagarin series will take place at the festival.

Presentation of the web series "MultiCosmos" and the episodes will take place from April 12 to 16 at the Museum of the History of Cosmonautics and at the Belinsky Scientific Library. For more information, visit the the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festiva website, "Festival programs" section