Space. Stars. Opinions. Sergey SHUSTITSKY

Sergey Shustitsky, honored artist of the Russian Federation, musician, composer, actor, director, TV presenter, in our "Space. Stars. Opinions" festival section.

Did you dream of becoming an astronaut as a child?

💫"I never dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but I have always admired these people. I have seen and even was familiar with many of space pioneers."

What is space for you and the role of Tsiolkovsky in its study?

💫💫"Space for me is the territory of the world where there should be no wars, where there are no state and national borders. This is the territory of dreamers. Tsiolkovsky is a great dreamer. Not the first, but one of the first whose dreams have become reality."

Would you like to star in a film related to space flights and adventures in space?

💫💫💫"I’d be happy to, but no one offered it yet. Although I had experience as a musician on the great STAR TREK series, and was familiar with Gene Roddenberry, its author."

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