Space. Stars. Opinions. Kirill ZHANDAROV

Kirill Zhandarov, theater, film and television actor, told us about how he dreams of acting in an adventure movie somewhere in the Galaxy, how proud he is of his wife and our achievements in space in the "Space. Stars. Opinions" festival section!

Did you dream of becoming an astronaut as a child?

💥"In the fifth grade, we were asked to write an essay on the topic "What profession would you choose?" I had a taxi driver, a policeman and, of course, a cosmonaut pilot as options! Although as an additional point I wrote an actor... Any dream is feasible - the main thing is to follow it! So yes, I have. My wife Maria Valeshnaya dreamed of being either a flight attendant or an actress... She is now an actress, and she was also lucky to be trained for Klim Shipenko's space project. That's why she tried both professions!"

What is space for you and the role of Tsiolkovsky in its study?

💥💥"Well, it's like Yuri Gagarin! Since early childhood, everyone knows that space means Belka, Strelka, Gagarin and Tsiolkovsky! It’s an unbreakable postulate!"

Would you like to star in a film related to space flights and adventures in space?

💥💥💥"If I say no, it will be a lie! Sure, I do! Who doesn't?!"

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