Space. Stars.Opinions. Olga GROMYKO

Olga Gromyko, blogger, writer, biologist, for the "Space. Stars.Opinions" festival section.

💥"As a child, I clearly understood that the cosmonaut was a profession that required tremendous physical training, which I did not possess. Moreover, this job seemed uninteresting to me - swimming around a spaceship in a vacuum, taking readings and missing the Earth watching it in the porthole. I was more attracted to the space professions of the distant future – those of a cosmobiologist or a xenogeneticist. Those professions seemed needed when the paths of distant planets would have already been trodden and walking on them would be easy and almost safe"

💥💥"Tsiolkovsky is one of the pioneers of cosmonautics, and space is my dream of something more perfect, high–tech, going beyond our reality, which has not been pleasing lately. Well, I would like to talk to an alien, find out how they are doing there. Maybe they will advise me something or will hire me as a cosmobiologist!"

- Would you like to take part in a film related to space flights and adventures in space?

💥💥💥"Perhaps only as a consultant to the screenwriter/director, if this film is to be shot based on my book. Maybe I'll even get so carried away in the process that I'll play some episodic role. But I have never studied acting and I doubt that I will make a good starring actress, it's better to leave such things to professionals. For me, the quality of the film is much more important than my own participation in it"

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