A unique "Space" Stereoscopic Cinema will be presented at the Festival!

As part of the Retrospective Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival programme, 2 sessions of films shot using Stereoscopic Cinema technology will take place. Each session consists of a feature and an animated film – for sure, about space. A feature film of one of the sessions is It Came From Outer Space (directed by Jack Arnold, USA, 1953) - winner of the 1954 GOLDEN GLOBE Award for the best debutante (Barbara Rush). 

A writer named John and his girlfriend Ellen are enjoying a quiet evening in the desert, watching the stars twinkling in the sky, when the silence of twilight is broken by the noisy fall of a huge glowing object. Being curious by nature, John goes out on a sortie to the crash site the next morning, where he discovers something that looks like an alien ship. Sheriff and reporters who arrive to the huge funnel later are inclined to consider John's first encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence a headline for the yellow press, but soon strange events start to occur in a nearby town: people get lost in the desert, return home in the same form, but with empty eyes and unclear thoughts...

An animated film of the session is The Adventures of Sam Space (directed by Paul Sprunk, USA, 1955). 

Two boys, Chuck and Sam, find a time capsule in a cave and take it to Professor Sitek. The professor discovers that the capsule contains a message that was sent to the planet Meeka, whose inhabitants helped the Earth in its defense against the attacks of Space Islands in 1960. Sam, Chuck and the professor go to Mika with the robot Mikan Robo. Along the way, they get attacked by Space Islands, but they arrive safely to meet friendly Mikans.

N.A. Mayorov, a film critic and director-cameraman will present the films and talk about Stereoscopic Cinema. Nikolai Anatolyevich has been studying the history of the development of cinematographic systems and the digital films restoration for many years.

Screenings of 3D films will be held in the cinema hall of the new building of the Tsiolkovsky State Museum from April 12 to 16. The exact date will be available on the website of the Tsiolkovsky ISFF after the publication of the Festival program