ETHNOMIR - a partner of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival!

The 3rd Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival is pleased to welcome the magnificent ethnographic park-museum ETHNOMIR located near Moscow as one of its key partners. ETHNOMIR is the place where you can travel around the world in just a few hours!

It might seem there is nothing in common between space and ethnography! Indeed, these spheres are so different that it is impossible to immediately determine their close connection… But it still exists!

The theme of space is a significant part of our common History. We strive to understand the nature of our planet, we want to know and understand the laws of the Universe, we dream of fitting into the map of intergalactic flights, in which our luggage includes the ethnographic heritage of our ancestors.

Today, ETHNOMIR is a unique place where, on an area of 140 hectares, there is a constant dialogue of cultures that are recognized both in their differences and similarities. You can take a walk along Mira Street and visit the ethnic courtyards of different peoples - the territory is vast enough for real travel, amazing discoveries, essential inspiration… We can peer into space as long as we can study the heritage of humanity! People have always looked at the sky, we have not changed in this matter throughout our history! We were able to answer some questions over time, but something remains a mystery to us…

For a whole week, from April 13 to 17, "space" excursions, master classes, animation programmes dedicated to the International Cosmonautics Day will be held in ETHNOMIR. These will include informative stories about understanding, perception, and human exploration of outer space: how the universe came into being, what the stars are, what the Earth is, why the Sun disappears over the edge of the earth every day, and why it reappears in the morning from the other side, why the Moon shines but does not heat, why solar and lunar eclipses occur, what significant discoveries in science preceded important turns in the development of mankind, etc.