The Embassy of Mexico will help to hand over the Prize to the winner of the festival!

The Jury of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival announced a Mexican film "From the Stars" directed by Eduardo Serrato Rodriguez the best feature short film in 2023.

Today, at the Mexican Embassy in Moscow, Igor Ugolnikov, the President of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, presented the award to Eduardo Villegas Mejias, Ambassador of Mexico to the Russian Federation.

"We are very pleased to hand over the well-deserved Prize - a statuette of K. Tsiolkovsky - to a cinematographer from Mexico who became the winner of the 4th Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival. This meeting can and should give a start to our future cooperation in the field of cinematography, including the production of joint films and the popularization of Russian films in Mexico and Mexican films in Russia," said Igor Ugolnikov presenting the Award.

Eduardo Villegas Mejias thanked the representatives of the festival and its President and offered to start working together without any delay.

In addition, the meeting at the Mexican Embassy was attended by:

Natalia Fortuna, Head of the Cultural Department of the Embassy,

Juan Asensio, Head of the Economic Department of the Embassy,

Vladimir Potemkin, Deputy Governor of Kaluga Region - Head of Kaluga Region Representative Office to the Government of the Russian Federation,

Larisa Vorobyeva, Deputy Head of the Representative Office - Head of the Department for Preliminary Approval of Investment Projects;

Ksenia Makarova, Chief Specialist of the Department of preliminary approval of investment projects of the Representative Office,

Olga Rodionova, Director of Tsiolkovsky ISFF,

Irina Soshnikova, Program Director of Tsiolkovsky ISFF.

The winning film synopsis.

"From the stars"

2022, Mexico, 9 min

Director, screenwriter, producer: Eduardo Serrato Rodriguez

Starring: Manuel Rodriguez, Ricardo Serato Rodriguez

After crashing northeast of Mexico, a disoriented alien realizes that he is not the only one who is lost on this strange planet.