"Dreams of Space" - a short films at the Tsiolkovsky ISFF

The 3rd Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival will present a competition programme of short films to the audience. A total of 24 short films were selected to participate in the film festival. We have compiled a programme combining two types of cinematography - 17 feature films and 7 documentaries. The feature films section contains two collections, each of which is divided into two parts. The documentary section consists of three parts.

The feature films session "Dreams of Space" includes 10 short films:

KURCHATOV, Directed by Sasha Sukachev, Russia
Marloe - Remember Me, Directed by Michael S.U. Hudson, United Kingdom
UFO, Directed by Marta Casielles, Spain
Moon Landing, Directed by Melany Mora, Costa Rica
Cosmos, Directed by Ferran Mullor, Spain
We Are Not Alone, Directed by Jorge Dolz, Spain
The Comet, Directed by Aitor Elorriaga, Spain
Rise of the Last Intern, Directed by Tim Dagott, Timo Discher, Alexander Rumpf, Germany
Further, Directed by Shubham Thapa, India
Rocet Boy, Directed by Adrián Tejero, Spain

Sessions will be held from April 12 to 16 in the halls of the Innovative Cultural Center, in the Tsentralny House of Folk Art and Cinema and in the contemporary art space PRO ART'S.

More information about films and dates of screenings can be found on the Tsiolkovsky International Spsce Film Festival website in the "Festival programmes" section.