Space. Stars.Opinions. Oleg SHISHKIN

Oleg Shishkin, TV presenter, screenwriter, playwright, author of books on the history of occultism and intelligence, told us about the benefits of the "Whats and Whys’ Library", the beauty of the planetarium and the magic of being a superman in the "Space. Stars. Opinions" festival section.

Did you dream of becoming a cosmonaut as a child?

✨"This sphere was very much in demand, I thought a lot about space, so, the answer is probably yes. A visit to the Moscow Planetarium had a strong effect on me. I remember with what surprise I looked at this huge starry sky that stretched in the dome of the planetarium. On top of everything else, I read books from the “Whats and Whys’ Library” series. It was published in the 70s of the last century, and there was a strange bear on the cover. So, one of those books was dedicated to traveling to the Moon. Falling asleep as a child, I thought that I would also fly to the Moon, would travel there and something unusual would happen to me."

What is space for you and what’s the role of Tsiolkovsky in its study?

✨✨"I treated Konstantin Tsiolkovsky as a wonderful eccentric who was a genius, even on the verge of insanity. Nevertheless, his ideas strongly influenced this world, became very important for the theory of space flights and, in general, changed a lot of things in the world. Humanity is viable because it can only expand beyond the Earth."

Would you like to star in a film related to space flights and adventures in space?

✨✨✨"I would probably like to star as the Gift of the Wind from the Andromeda Nebula - a superman who overcomes obstacles; it is a strong and powerful figure. The Soviet superman sleeps in me."

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