The Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival venues 2022

The Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival is held in Kaluga, where the memory of the brilliant Russian scientist, one of the founders of modern cosmonautics, whose ideas formed the basis of knowledge and technologies that allowed humanity to enter the Earth's orbit, is being carefully preserved.

Traditionally, the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics, our long-term and most important partner of the festival, will become the main venue. The planetarium of the museum will host screenings of the full-dome cinema programme, and the cinema hall will host screenings of competitive films and special programmes. Opening and closing ceremonies will be held in the halls of the museum, and other special events of the festival will be held in the conference hall and the educational center.  

The Kaluga Innovative Cultural Center is a modern multifunctional venue, one of the key goals of which is to introduce the Russian audience to contemporary art. It will provide its halls for festival programmes films screenings again this year. In addition, creative meetings with cinematographers, cosmonauts, and science popularizers will be held both in the cinema hall and the transformer room. 

For the first time, the House of Music, the first independent art institution in Kaluga Pro Art's, the V.G. Belinsky Scientific Library, the Kaluga Region Tourist Information Center will take part in the organization of festival events.

The oldest operating cinema in Kaluga, the House of Folk Art and Cinema Tsentralny will show some films of the festival programmes in its halls, and will also help in organizing sessions for residents of Obninsk, Borovsk, Maloyaroslavets, Tarusa, Medyn, Kozelsk and other cities of the region. 

Igor Ugolnikov, President of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival: «Our task is to make festival films and special events accessible to all interested viewers. The great interest in the festival, the willingness to support and take part in its holding on the part of both our long-term and new partners indicates that we are on the right track.» 

Director of the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics Natalia Abakumova: «The purpose of the festival is to popularize all kinds of science and art related to space, strengthen the traditions of international dialogue between scientists and cinematographers to solve urgent problems of the development of science, culture and new technologies. This goal perfectly correlates with the concept of development of our museum. That is why it is a partner of the festival.» 

Director of the Innovative Cultural Center Andrey Safronov: «The popularization of documentary and feature films as areas of contemporary art is one of the main tasks of the Innovative Cultural Center. The theme of space is very relevant in Kaluga, the cradle of cosmonautics, so I am sure that the festival is a significant event not only for residents of the Kaluga region, but also for guests from other regions.»

The Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival will be held with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS, the Government of the Kaluga Region, the Administration of the City of Kaluga, commercial and public organizations.