Animation in the competition program of the Tsiolkovsky ISFF

Dear friends!
We are glad to announce that 42 animated short films from more than 20 countries have been selected for participation in the Tsiolkovsky ISFF:

LUMEN, Directed by Paulo Niza, Brazil, 2020
Rocket, Directed by Sergei Peshchik, Russia, 2021
Run Nuki!: Dancing with the Moon, Directed by Pedro Juliá, Argentina, 2021
Little Somebody, Directed by Yaroslav Bulavin, Russia, 2021
Moon Rockz, Directed by Molly Babington, United Kingdom, 2020
Moon said : Blop Blop help!, Directed by Reyhane Kavosh, Ali Raeis, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2018
Hungry, Directed by Hanke Wang, United States, 2020
The Last Pea, Directed by Robin PICART, France
Light hunting, Directed by Peyman Jahanfar, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2020

947 What a Coincidence, Directed by Adrian Baluta, Romania, 2021
The Last Dragon, Directed by Saeid Tarkhani, United Kingdom, 2021
 Lonely Whale, Directed by Steve Nguyen, United States, 2021
Little big dream, Directed by Nina Bisyarina, Russia, 2021
Planet, Directed by Riazul Islam Rahil, Bangladesh, 2021
Dream Vehicle, Directed by Michał Mróz, Poland, 2020
From Far, Directed by Mohd Zahir Zainal Abidin, Malaysia, 2021 
Trip to the moon, Directed by Leonor Arrimar, Portugal, 2020
To The Stars, Directed by Gemma McGivern, Ireland, 2020
30 minutes on the Earth, Directed by Evangelina Sarett, Russia, 2021
Meow or Never, Directed by Neeraja Raj, United Kingdom, 2020

The Way, Directed by Andrey Zashikhin, Russia, 2021
Revival, Directed by Diszy Lee, China, 2021
The Crash, Directed by Lewys Rhodes, United Kingdom, 2021
Laniakea, Directed by Dima Taran, Ukraine, 2020 
The Rotation, Directed by Hazhir As'adi, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2020
S13p15a, Directed by Jesús Loniego, Spain, 2021
Moon, Directed by Maria Saveleva, Russia, 2020
Alma, Directed by Rola Hafez, Francesco Cordari, Alexandra Megerdichian, United Kingdom, 2021 
Flight to earth, Directed by Ignacio Rodó, Spain, 2021 
Born, Directed by Leandro Ferra, Brazil, 2020 
Reconnection, Directed by Rebekah Chew, Tong Xin Zhou, Singapore, 2021
LAST CONTACT, Directed by Jatin Vats, United Kingdom, 2022
Wild Times, Directed by Igor Imhoff, Germany, 2021
Tin Harr Taai Ping, Directed by Hayden Chun Hei Mok, Hong Kong, 2021
COSMOS, Directed by Ferran Mullor, Spain, 2019
Spacation, Directed by Jessica Ecarma, United States, 2020
HOME, Directed by Hamed Azizi, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2021 

CartoonSpace - Women in space, Directed by Vladimir Fedorov, Russia
CartoonSpace – Korolev, Directed by Vladimir Fedorov, Russia
CartoonSpace - Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Directed by Vladimir Fedorov, Russia
CartoonSpace - Nikolai Pilyugin, Directed by Vladimir Fedorov, Russia
CartoonSpace - Valentin Glushko, Directed by Vladimir Fedorov, Russia