The nominees of the Tsiolkovsky ISFF in the Short Meter category have been announced

The list of nominees for the Tsiolkovsky ISFF in the Best Short Film category includes:

1.«Mission Backup Earth», Alexander Pfander, Germany, 2018, 12+
2.«Mars Exposure 1.0», Nigel Gavus, Austria, 2020, 6+
3.«Algiz», Kristina Mikhailova, Kazakhstan, 2020, 12+
4.«Down to Earth», Christopher Fernandes, Canada, 2020, 12+
5.«Space Shot», Ian Abraham, Kenya, 2020, 12+
6.«Message from the Stars», Ariel Pereira Quintela, Brazil, 2020, 12+
7.«Morpho», Anastasia Shchuplova, Russia, 2020, 2020
8.«My own sky», Pavel Palekhin, Russia, 2019