The Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival sincerely congratulates the scientists of the Kazan National Research Technical University named after Tupolev on the successful designing of the stratojet!

This victory is primarily due to the fact that people have not given up on K.E. Tsiolkovsky's hundred-year-old dream of trans-atmospheric travels. In a series of long experiments and research, scientists managed to find the right technical solution for a supersonic aircraft, which was called "Stratolyot". This design has already been registered in the Rospatent database. We are delighted that such an important invention was made in Russia, because Tsiolkovsky had been trying to promote Russian pilots into the stratosphere for all his life! 

Surely, foreigners have also been working on similar projects for many years - the British Reaction Engines Limited and Elon Musk's SpaceX company, which promised to deliver people to most places on the planet in just 30 minutes, and anywhere else in less than 60 minutes. But so far these ambitious attempts remain unfulfilled.

On the contrary, Russian developers, having achieved concrete results, note that, unlike their foreign counterparts’, their technical solutions will increase the payload and reduce the take-off time. So far, we can only learn some of the characteristics of this device from its description. The Stratolyot will consist of a fuselage with wings, horizontal control surfaces, a combined rocket or missile engine powered by oxygen, as well as an upper stage with an oval wing, two gas turbine engines and a fuselage engine fairing.

Supersonic aircraft promises to become the pride of our domestic aviation soon. In any case, Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, the author of the fundamental work " Exploration of the world spaces by reactive devices ", would be simply happy to embody this scientific and technical solution! The man has long flown past the stratosphere, found himself in Earth orbit, went into outer space, built a huge space station in zero gravity, made countless discoveries and unprecedented feats…

But the stratosphere is still waiting for brave pilots and brilliant researchers, and The Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival will now definitely be waiting for wonderful films made by cinematographers somewhere between Earth and Space.

The Stratolyot comes to the starting line, and it's time we started writing scripts!