Short films in the competition program of the Tsiolkovsky ISFF

Dear friends!
We are glad to announce that 24 short films have been selected for participation in the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival:

KURCHATOV, Directed by Sasha Sukachev, Russia
Marloe - Remember Me, Directed by Michael S.U. Hudson, United Kingdom
UFO, Directed by Marta Casielles, Spain
Moon Landing, Directed by Melany Mora, Costa Rica
Cosmos, Directed by Ferran Mullor, Spain
We Are Not Alone, Directed by Jorge Dolz, Spain
The Comet, Directed by Aitor Elorriaga, Spain
Rise of the Last Intern, Directed by Tim Dagott, Timo Discher, Alexander Rumpf, Germany
Further, Directed by Shubham Thapa, India
Rocet Boy, Directed by Adrián Tejero, Spain

Sideral, Directed by Carlos Segundo, France
Red Planet, Directed by Jordan Keith Jackson, United States
Sector 9S, Directed by Timo Hensen, Netherlands
INVASION2040, Directed by CESAR TURTURRO, Argentina
Colossus, Directed by James Roe, United States
Genuine, Directed by Josua Tobias Krüger, Germany
The Right Vintage, Directed by Trace Winter, United States

My dad is a cosmonaut, Directed by Natalia Savras, Russia
My Stellar Tale, Directed by Andrey Chonov Hristozov, Bulgaria
Kosberg made it, Directed by Maksim Ishchenko, Russia
ZENITH, Directed by Thomas Dalen, Norway
Space: Knowledge Frontier, Directed by Eduardo Arrufat, Spain
To Be a Cosmonaut, Directed by Aleksandr Panov, Russia
Space. The way to the start, Directed by Roman Shelukhanov, Russia