The Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival presents the Documentary «Alexey Leonov. Orbit Duel»

We present the second TV Roscosmos film Alexey Leonov. Orbit Duel, 2015, 60 min.
Scriptwriters - Alexey Samolyotov, Alexey Kitaytsev
Director of Photography - Alexey Kitaytsev
Producer - Alexander Ostrovsky

Alexey Leonov, the USSR pilot-cosmonaut, twice awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. He is known to the whole world as the first Earthman who went into outer space from the Voskhod-2 spacecraft on March 18, 1965. However, few people know that it was Alexey Leonov who was supposed to become the first person to set foot on the surface of our natural satellite, the Moon. But politics interfered.  

In 1975, Alexey Leonov was the commander of the Soyuz-19 spacecraft in the first international Soviet-American flight Soyuz-Apollo programme. The film uses rare chronicle footage of his spacewalk. What secrets did the first human spacewalk hide? What was actually the classified "lunar programme" of the USSR?

The film includes little-known episodes of the life of the famous cosmonaut, who could have become a professional artist. Two people tell about Alexey Leonov's admission to the Academy of Arts in Riga: Alexey Arkhipovich himself and the rector of the Academy.

Films by TV Roscosmos will be shown from April 12 to 16 at The Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics and the Kaluga Region Tourist Information Center. Additional information about dates and sessions can be found on the website of the Tsiolkovsky International Film Festival after March 15